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6 Nov 2016

 ‘Don’t Worry, Be Sappy’ with Jifiti Online Gifting


 ‘Don’t Worry, be Sappy’ with online Gifting

SappyGram enhances messaging platform with Jifiti’s online gifting

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – November 7, 2016 – SappyGram launched the next generation of the online messaging platform highlighted with the integration with Jifiti, the retail industry’s leading online gifting platform.   Now SappyGram users can include a gift when sending a SappyGram to friends and family.  Along with special voice, video and text messages, users can include a gift using Jifiti, an online gifting platform offering a wide range of products and retail stores.  “SappyGram has enabled people to deliver special messages to special people around the world, and the ability to now include gifting completes a perfect celebration.” stated Paul Kinderman, SappyGram President and founder.  “We selected Jifiti for simple user interface and broad range of retail stores.”

SappyGram is an online messaging platform for people to collect a special voice, text, video, photo messages from friends and family, and present the multi-media collection to someone celebrating a special event such as graduation, promotion, retirements, birthdays, and much more.  The platform was initial launched in September 2015, and users from countries around the world have delivered heart felt messages to their family and friends making their special occasion even more exceptional.   You can find more about SappyGram at   Don’t Worry, Be Sappy.