How It Works

SappyGram Roles & Terminology

SappyGram – A SappyGram is an online multimedia message to celebrate that someone special's special event.
Host – The person who initiated the SappyGram and is coordinating the content of the SappyGram coming in from the contributors.
Contributor(s) – Those people invited by the host to submit content (video, text, pictures) to the SappyGram.
Recipient(s) – The person or people who receive the final SappyGram.
Sapped – To be ‘Sapped’ means you have received a SappyGram.
Sap [-ping] – verb.  To Sap is the activity of contributing video, text and pictures to a SappyGram.
Sapster – Anyone who enjoys using SappyGram.



A.  Creating (ie. Hosting) a SappyGram

As the “Host” you are the one creating and organizing the SappyGram
Step 1: Click on 'Create a SappyGram'
Step 2: Select Project Type
Step 3: Choose a banner by clicking on the one you like.  A red indicator in upper left shows the banner selected.  Alternatively, you can upload your own banner.
Step 4: Enter in SappyGram Header.  This is the title of the SappyGram that will on top of the SappyGram message and what contributors see.
Step 5: Enter 'Message'.  This is the text that will appear below the banner in the SappyGram.
Step 6: Click 'Continue to Next Step'
Step 7: Click on day that you want to receive everyone's content.
Step 8: Use checkboxes to indicate the type of content you wish to allow contributors to submit.
Step 9:  Click 'Next Step'
Step 10:  Enter in list of email addresses to those you want to contribute to the SappyGram.  They will receive an email (See content in Step 11).  They do not need to be registered in SappyGram to receive invite.
Step 11:  'Message from Host': This is the content of the email that will be included in your email inviting contributors.   Be sure to invite yourself if you want to contribute.
Step 12:  Click on 'Send SappyGram Invite' .
Note that after you have gone through these steps, you can change these details and invite more contributors by going to 'MySappyGrams' and selecting Hosting Tab, and click on Manage the SappyGram you're hosting that you want to update.


B.  Managing (as the Host) a SappyGram

As the “Host” you are the one creating and organizing the SappyGram

Step 1: Click on MySappyGrams and Under Hosting Tab, click on ‘In Progress’.
Step 2: Find SappyGram you are hosting that you want to end, and click ‘Manage’
Step 3: Under each of the enabled content (Text, Audio, Images and Videos),view content that has been submitted by contributors
Step 4: Change the order of the content using the up/down button next to the image.  This will change the order that the messages will appear in the final SappyGram.
Step 5: Select Active if you want recipients to view this content.  If unselected (red) then this content will to be included in final SappyGram
Step 6: Save all work before leaving page
Step 7: Repeat the process for each of the available content by clicking on the content icons on the header
Step 8: You can preview the SappyGram by clicking on Preview
Step 9: After done organizing the message, you must then ‘Publish’ the SappyGram.
Step 10: You will be prompted to enter in name of emails of the people you wish to receive the SappyGram.  Multiple recipients listed with commas or semi-colons between email addresses.
Step 11: Update Message (optional).   This is the message that shows up in the email the recipients will receive informing them they have been Sapped
Step 12: Recipients will be notified by Email that they have been Sapped (i.e. received a SappyGram), and instructed how to view the SappyGram.

C.  Contributing  to a SappyGram

When you get invited to contribute to a SappyGram, you will receive an email from the host.

Step 1: To start contriubting either
  Step 1a : Click on the link in the email from the Host
  Step 1b: Log directly onto
Step 2: Click on 'My SappyGrams' in the header of the website.
Step 3: Click on the tab 'Contributing To'
Step 4: Find the SappyGram you were invited to contribute, and click on 'Contribute' button next to the image.
Step 5: Depending on what the Host opted for you will see combination of  'Add Text', 'Add Image', 'Add Video' and/or 'Add Audio'
Step 6: To add text:
  Step 6a: Click on 'Add Text' On the options on left hand side of the page.
  Step 6b: Enter in your text you want to the the recipient.
  Step 6c: Click on button 'Add Text'
  Step 6d: Click on button labeled 'Submit'
Step 7: To add Images (ie pictures):
  Step 7a: Click on 'Add Image' On the options on left hand side of the page.
  Step 7b: Enter in title in the box 'Image Title'
  Step 7c: Click on button 'Select Photo' 
  Step 7d: Choose a photo from your laptop or mobile device.   Note try to keep the file size <1 to avoid long upload times.
  Step 7e: Some photos may require you to crop the image by clicking on the green box in the upper right corner.
  Step 7f: After selecting picture, click on 'Upload'
  Step 7g: Click on button labeled 'Submit'
Step 8: To Add Video and Audio, the process is similar to Audio

Your done!   Dont Forget you must 'Submit' the content to the host.

D.  Receiving a SappyGram

This is the easy and fun part.   If you have been Sapped, you receive an email from the host indicating that you have recieved a SappyGram.

To get your SappyGram either:

Step 1a: Click on link in email you recieved from the host
Step 1b: Log onto
Step 2: Click on My SappyGrams in header of the page.
Step 3: Click on the Tab 'Received'
Step 4: Find your SappyGram, and click on 'View'

....And Enjoy what your friends and family have sent to you!!